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Wedge appliance doors open. Appliance cartons are excellent for packing linens, bedding, towels, and clothing. Always clean your stove before storage.

Pack books flat to protect their spines. Do not place boxes directly on floor, line boxes with plastic (garbage bags work very well). Books are heavy, use smaller boxes for easier lifting.

Store mirrors, windows and screens on edge. Do not lay them flat. Crate them in a mirror pack or package them in strong cardboard. Mark well to help prevent damage.

Pack dishes and glasses carefully. Surround with packing material. Wrap glasses individually, and storing plates on edge is best.

Wipe metal items such as bikes and tools, with a lightly oiled rag to prevent rusting.

Save holiday decoration cartons and repack them with some newspaper for additional padding.

Protect furniture and mattresses with plastic covers. Place a plastic sheet or a pallet on the floor and stand furniture or mattresses on end.

Use uniform size boxes, so you can stack them shoulder high to maximize space.

Prepare your space by placing a sheet of plastic sheet or pallets and place your belongings on top.

Store record albums on edge.

Leave an air space around the perimeter to aid in ventilation.

Place frequently used items in the front and leave space to walk to the back.

Cover all items with light plastic, but allow for ventilation, during humid weather.

Make a complete list of everything in your unit, including brand names and serial numbers. Keep this list in a safe place, and not in the unit.

Keep proof of purchase, receipts, owners manuals, and warranty information. Take photos or video of your stored items. Keep in a safe place and away from unit.